Metal Awnings with Posts

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Pre-Manufactured Metal Canopy

Pre-Manufactured Metal Canopy

Parasol Awnings Cantilever-Extruded Fascia & Offset

Cantilever-Extruded Fascia & Offset

Parasol Awnings Metal Canopy With Flat Pan Decking

Metal Canopy With Flat Pan Decking

Parasol Awnings Employee Break Area

Employee Break Areas

Parasol Awnings Canopy Using Roll Form Fascia & Decking

Canopy Using Roll Form Fascia & Decking

Parasol Awnings Industrial Canopy With W Pan Decking

Industrial Canopy With W Pan Decking

Parasol Awnings Wall Attached Metal Canopy With Extruded Fascia

Wall Attached Metal Canopy With Extruded Fascia

Parasol Awnings Walkway Covers

Walkway Covers

Whether it’s a walkway canopy, carport or patio cover, Metal Canopies with Posts are functional and suitable for all environments. Our systems are used at home, schools, churches, office buildings and wherever pedestrian shelter is needed. Our systems feature extruded or roll formed aluminum roofs supported by posts.

Q. What factors determine how long an awning lasts?

A. The anticipated useful lifespans of metal awnings vary widely. Factors such as the style, the
size, the construction materials and the geographic location all impact this issue. Strong steel
awnings typically outlast aluminum awnings. However, experts project most metal awnings with
proper care should supply up to a decade of seasonal use. Products placed in locations subject
to severe winds depreciate more quickly than awnings in balmy locales.

Q. What are the benefits of awnings?

A. Metal awnings furnish several benefits. These products today usually perform a decorative
function by promoting the stylish appearance of architectural features. Placed in the exterior or
front entrance of a building, or used along a storefront, a decorative awning marked with a
business name or logo supplies enhanced recognition.

Most awnings (including commercial awnings) also typically provide welcome shade during
sunny days and rain protection during inclement weather. A patio awning may increase the
utility of recreational areas. Awnings also shelter walkways and breezeways. Additionally, by
reducing heat and interior sun glare in certain locations, awnings help optimize the energy
efficiency of some building cooling systems.

All of our aluminum post supported canopies provide a custom designed solution for your new
or existing commercial or residential projects. We provide a pre-engineered economical
alternative for free standing or wall mounted canopies.

Fascia, Decking and Posts available in:

  • Extruded
  • Roll Form
  • Steel

Decking & Fascia Options

Parasol Awnings Roll Form Fascia


Parasol Awnings Extruded Fascia


DECKING can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum or steel.

Parasol Awnings Decking W Pan

W Pan (Roll Form)

Parasol Awnings Decking Flat Pan

Flat Pan (Roll Form)

Parasol Awnings Decking Extruded

6″ Extruded

FASCIA can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum.

Parasol Awnings Fascia

6″ Roll Form

Parasol Awnings Fascia

6″ Extruded

Parasol Awnings Fascia

8″ Extruded

Parasol Awnings Fascia

12″ Extruded

Parasol Awnings Fascia

6″, 8″, 12″ 
with Offset  

Parasol Awnings Fascia

14″ Bull Nose