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Fabric Awning & Canopy Styles

Why choose fabric awnings?

Fabric awnings offer many solutions for entrance canopies, walkway covers, signage, window awnings, door awnings and patios.

In addition to being less expensive than metal awnings and canopies, fabric awnings can achieve a softer look and offer you more color options. With fabric awnings you have the flexibility to change out the fabric at a later date. This is beneficial for leased spaces that change occupants or for any owner who wants to refresh the look and feel of their exterior.

A fabric awning or canopy can provide protection, create extra space and enhance the look of your building or storefront. 

striped awning across storefront
Fabric awning over entry walkway

Fabric Awning & Canopy Options


fabric awning loose valance

Loose Valance

fabric awning rigid valance

Rigid Valance

fabric awning no valance

No Valance


fabric awning options - standard scallop


fabric awning options - greek key scallop

Greek Key

fabric awning options - wave scallop


fabric awning options - straight hemmed valance

Straight Hem


fabric awning closed ends

Closed End

fabric awning open ends

Open End

Choose Your Colors

Color Options

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Free Fabric Awning Estimates

Parasol Awnings offers free awning estimates for new awnings, awning repair, and awning replacement in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Contact Parasol Awnings today at 901-368-4477.