Our Team

Our seasoned team at Parasol is able to do it all – design, manufacture and install – saving you time and money. We’re experts because that’s our business – our only business. And we stand behind the quality of our work.

Management, Front Office and Sales Team

Michael Folk, President

Andrew Henning, Account Executive/Sales/Design

Scott Folk, Account Executive/Sales/Design

Linda Halford, Administrative Assistant

Marie Anthony, Production Assistant

Tammy Wommack, Executive Assistant

Production and Installation Team

Walt Harber, Production Manager

James Green, Lead Installer

Carol Morales, Lead Seamstress

Poli Montano, Welder

Jose Martinez, Lead Installer

John Dandridge, Installer

Gloria Galeas, Seamstress

Maggie Barreto, Seamstress

Did you know that most awning problems arise as a result of faulty installation? At Parasol Awnings, we minimize maintenance issues by using an experienced in-house awning installation team rather than contracting with independent installers. Having our own installation team provides more scheduling flexibility for our customers. We’re even available for emergency service requests.