Suspended Metal Canopies

Extruded Fascia

Pre-Engineered Suspended Canopy

Extruded Fascia With Offset

Dock Door Canopies With Bull Nose Fascia

Entrance Canopy

Architectural Canopy

Roll Form Fascia On Entrance Canopy

Curved Fascia With Extruded Decking

Suspended Metal Canopies provide shade and shelter from the weather while creating a powerful impression. An aluminum suspended canopy is pre-engineered for commercial use over a window or door, or as an entrance canopy. Suspended Canopies are durable, add an architectural design, and are available in many colors.

  • Extruded Fascia and Decking
  • Roll Form Fascia and Decking
  • Steel Decking and Posts

Decking, Fascia & Attachment Options



DECKING can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum or steel.

W Pan (Roll Form)

Flat Pan (Roll Form)

6″ Extruded

FASCIA can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum.

6″ Roll Form

6″ Extruded

8″ Extruded

12″ Extruded

6″, 8″, 12″ 
with Offset  

14″ Bull Nose

BRACKETS used for Parasol Awnings suspended canopy.


6″ Square

6″ Diamond

Side View

HANGERS for suspended canopy.

1.5″ Round

1.5″ Square