Parasol Awnings in Memphis, TN

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Standing Seam

Flat Metal

Fabric Awnings


Metal Awnings & Canopies

Pre-Engineered Aluminum Canopies

can be either a roll formed canopy or an extruded canopy and have a variety of uses for the commercial/industrial customer.

Pre-Finished Metal Awnings

can be a standing seam awning or a flat metal awning with hangers and can go from concept to completion quickly and inexpensively.

Pre-Fabricated Aluminum Awnings

can be used as Suspended Canopies, Architectural Canopies, Entrance Canopies or Walkway Covers.

Serving Memphis, TN and the Mid-South

Parasol Awnings service area for awnings and canopies in Memphis, TN and the mid-south.When it comes to awnings and canopies in Memphis, TN, Parasol Awnings is an expert resource for commercial and residential awnings and canopies design, installation and repair for your business or home, including fabric awnings and metal awnings. Contact Parasol for a free estimate for a patio awning, canopy, outdoor canopy, window awnings, walkway covers, standing seam awning, commercial awnings, door awning, or architectural canopies. Parasol Awnings proudly serves the MidSouth. Service Area

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