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Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN
Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN
Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN
Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN
Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN
Awnings & Canopies Jackson, TN

Awning Repair, Re-Cover and Replacement

Parasol Awnings also offers awning repair, re-cover and replacement services in Jackson TN. Some of our awning projects in Jackson TN include: 

ATC Fitness 1398 Union University Dr, Jackson, TN 38305
Hollywood Cinema 575 Vann Dr, Jackson, TN 38305
Flatiron Grille 1160 Vann Dr, Jackson, TN 38305
Genghis Grill 1231 Vann Dr #16, Jackson, TN 38305

Parasol Awnings provides commercial, residential, fabric, metal, standing seam, suspended metal awnings and canopies, and walkway covers in Jackson TN.

Free Awning Estimate

Parasol Awnings offers free awning estimates for new awnings, awning repair, and awning replacement in Jackson TN. Contact Parasol Awnings today at 901-368-4477.

Free Estimate


Parasol Awnings is the company to turn to when you’re in need of a patio cover or commercial or residential awning in Jackson, TN. We’re proud to boast that we’re the preferred awning company in the Mid-South, and we can create virtually any kind of custom awning that you want! You draw it. We will build it. It’s that simple.

Endless Possibilities

From the basic awning to the most complex fabric structure, we can deliver you a quality awning that can not only brighten up your storefront but maximize your street visibility. Customers are more willing to frequent a business that they can find easily, which is why having a big, flashy awning can make all the difference in the world for the success of your business. Your awning is arguably your biggest and best business card, and we’ll help you create one that will really help you stand out.

Fast Response and Execution

Save time and money with Parasol Awnings’ fast response time. We respond to your inquiries quickly, and we’ll also work to complete the construction of your awning as quickly as possible too in order to minimize the disruption to your business.

We will never cut corners, or take shortcuts to get the job done faster. We consider the awnings that we create for our customers to be works of art, and we want them to be made properly according to your specifications. Our durable awnings are made to last, with high quality materials such as heat-sealed canvas, hand-welded aluminum frames and Tenara thread.

Free Estimate on Custom Commercial Awnings in Jackson TN

When you call us, we’ll come out to your location and discuss the type of design that you’re talking about creating with you. Then we’ll draw up a mock design and provide you with an estimate of what it would cost us to construct and install it for you. Our estimates are always free, and we’re people of our word. We’ll always honor our estimates because we’re a family owned and operated small business you can trust!