Why Your Patio Needs a Metal Awning

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Your patio is an important part of your backyard. It helps you enjoy the beauty of your garden. If you are looking to enhance your patio, you can throw in a metal awning. All you need to do is hire an awning installation company, and you will enjoy the benefits of having a metal awning…

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The Four Best Patio Coverings for Your Home

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Covered patios are necessary for a comfortable backyard experience, whether you prefer to read, drink, or nap by the pool. Covering your patio will protect it from the weather and keep it cool, allowing you to spend as much time as you want there. Unfortunately, up to 60% of homeowners do not use their patio…

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5 Benefits of Adding an Awning to Your Home


Awnings are available in a range of materials, colors, and forms. They offer several benefits for both residential and commercial properties. Below are the top five benefits of adding awnings to your property. 1. Protect Your Family from the Elements Awnings provide important shade and shield you and your family from up to 98% of…

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3 Benefits of Patio Awnings for Your Pet

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Most homeowners are not aware that there are different awning installation methods that allow them to be installed in a variety of exterior spaces. One of the most popular awning installation methods is to have it over your patio. Everyone in your family will appreciate the shade it provides, even your pets. There are three…

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Amazing Advantages of Adding an Awning to Your Home


There are many ways to spruce up your home. However, there is one particular accessory that affords amazing advantages. Beautify and enhance the exterior of your house with affordable awnings. Below are the many benefits of adding awnings to your home. Create Cool Functionality Awnings add dimension and shape to outdoor living spaces. They provide…

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How Commercial Awnings can Lower Your Energy Bills

commercial awnings

Commercial awnings can help you save energy, reduce energy bills, and add a touch of style to your commercial building. Awnings provide protection from the elements and your property. Commercial awnings can be a great option for any commercial property owner that wants more control over energy consumption. They are stylish, add curb appeal, and…

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Is It Time to Consider an Awning Re-cover?

awning re-cover

Awnings make excellent additions to any home, business premises, or RV. They can create shades, beautify your space and increase the energy efficiency on your property. Research indicates that awnings and canopies reduce heat gain by 55%-65% on southern-facing windows. Your Awnings Lifespan It’s only natural that the awning fabric and frame experience wear and…

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Should You Build an Awning Over Your Pool?

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If you have a pool, no doubt it’s the main attraction every summer. Sitting in the direct sun, however, is not only uncomfortable but can be bad for your skin. This is why it is important to have shade structures like awnings. In this article, we cover a few different types of awnings you can…

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2 Common Awning Problems [And How to Fix Them]

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Shade structures and awnings are some of the oldest architectural design elements that have stood the test of time. Ancient civilizations utilized woven materials to gain protection from the scorching sun in almost every structure-from carts to massive stadia. Modern awnings build upon the old designs, availing better comfort and convenience. Awnings are an excellent…

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