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Awning Re-Cover Repair and Replacement

A well-made awning or canopy is tough, but it’s not indestructible. If you have an awning or canopy that’s damaged, call us. We’ll give you our experienced recommendation as to the options available to you.

Awning Re-Covering

If your awning or canopy needs new fabric, we can help. We’ll make a pattern from your frame, no matter which awning company built it, and create a custom fabric cover to fit. Then we’ll install it to look and function as if it were new. Choose from more than 200 fabrics.

Awning Repairing

If your awning frame was originally well constructed and is still in good condition, where only a minor repair will do, then that’s exactly what we’ll recommend.

Awning Replacing

While it’s rare, occasionally a poorly constructed awning frame from another manufacturer must be replaced before we can provide you with a crisp, new cover. Rest assured that Parasol’s frames are the toughest in the region with a warranty that can’t be beat.

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Pros and Cons

We’ll provide you with the pros and cons of several options. When you decide which route is best for you, we’ll take care of it for you, quickly and professionally, even if you originally bought your awning from someone else. Once your awning is restored, it’s covered by the Parasol Awnings warranty.

At Parasol Awnings we provide awning re-cover, repair, and replacement. For Commercial and Residential clients.