Awning Installation


Awning installation is provided in all of our full service projects. Our awning installers are trained employees, not independent contractors. 

Why is using an in-house installer team important?

Rather than risk installation problems and scheduling issues with an outside contractor, we employ an experienced in-house team to offer:

  • Reliable scheduling
  • High quality service and safety standards
  • Trained and experienced team
  • Advanced methods and tools

All of our professional awning installers are trained in advanced installation methods and have experience working with limited spaces, extreme heights, uneven ground, and difficult mounting areas.

We are constantly improving our awning installation methods and invest in the tools and equipment needed to handle even the most challenging installations.

Looking for a DIY awning option?

We do have standard size fabric awnings in stock for straightforward Do-It-Yourself installation. Check the sizes and colors of our available in-stock awnings.


The Parasol Awnings Guarantee

Each custom awning project includes a one year warranty to cover labor and materials. Warranties on awning fabrics vary by manufacturer (usually between 5-10 years).

Free Estimate

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