Awning and Canopy Benefits

You can benefit from awnings and canopies in several ways:

Conserve energy, save money
Awnings and canopies can reduce heat gain by 55 to 66 percent on southern facing windows and 72 to 77 percent when there is a western exposure. By reducing your air conditioning costs, these energy-saving enhancements quickly pay for themselves.

Increase your home’s living area
Make your home instantly look and feel much bigger by adding an awning or canopy to create an outdoor living room or dining room. A recent national study found that 60 percent of homeowners did not use their outdoor space as much as they would have liked to, primarily because of lack of shelter from the elements. Get the most from your home ─ create an outdoor retreat.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal
We offer a full array of styles, colors and fabrics to match any home’s exterior. Whether you’re adding details to make a home feel more “old world” or you want a contemporary modern look, we can design the right awning or canopy for your home.

Give your home’s value a boost
Exterior upgrades can significantly increase your home’s value at the time of resale and few improvements add more charm and interest than a perfectly styled awning or canopy. In fact, three of the four types of home improvement projects that most significantly increase a home’s value at the time of resale were exterior upgrades. And the same holds true for your business as well. Our designers can really boost your curb appeal by accenting your property’s best features or downplaying its flaws.

So what else do you need to know when making an awning or canopy purchase?

  • What material (fabric or metal) will best meet your need?
  • What types of awnings or canopies are available?
  • What frame shape or awning/canopy style is best for your home?
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