Adding additional dining space to a restaurant isn’t cheap, but it is a great way to increase revenue. If your bar or restaurant can handle more customers with the existing bar or kitchen, consider a canopy to convert parking space into outdoor dining.

When Fresh Slices moved into this Bartlett strip mall, its rapidly growing clientele inspired the owners to expand. The owners received special permission to annex some of the parking area to create an outdoor dining area. Then they contacted Parasol for a custom awning that would be attractive and durable.

The canopy protects diners from rain and sun. A drop shade combines with the potted shrubs to provide a screen between the dining area and the parking lot.

And if you think canopies cannot make outdoor spaces upscale, check out the one we did for Spindini on Main Street in Memphis. This raised deck is covered with a secure, all-weather canopy. Drop curtains screen out late afternoon sun. Spindini’s deck is a favorite for upscale, downtown dining and special events.

Sometimes restaurants add a solarium for extra dining space, but customers are reluctant to use it in the summer months. Parasol customized this canopy for McDonald’s, to keep the in-door area cool for kids and adults.

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