It’s not uncommon to see smokers huddled around a building’s entrance and exit. As uncomfortable as it is for the smoker, it’s worse for the person who is entering or exiting the building to have to pass through a cloud of smoke. Many companies wrestle with wanting to provide a smoke free entrance, but not wanting to make their smoking employees outcasts or break the budget.

New materials are making it cost affordable for awning manufacturers to provide comfortable, weather resistant smoking areas. Clear plastic panels on the sides of a smoking shelter let light in and protect smokers from the elements. The panels can be removed during the warmer months for better ventilation.

Safety is also a concern. Employers don’t want their employees walking into a “blind” shelter where they may not be able to see who is inside.

If your employees who smoke are hacked off about their smoking conditions, talk to your local awning company. They may have an excellent and affordable solution.

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