Should You Build an Awning Over Your Pool?

If you have a pool, no doubt it’s the main attraction every summer. Sitting in the direct sun, however, is not only uncomfortable but can be bad for your skin. This is why it is important to have shade structures like awnings. In this article, we cover a few different types of awnings you can build over your pool.


Pergolas are one type of awning installation that you can construct over your pool to get some shade. The best thing about a pergola is that it will filter out light and make it less harsh, while also serving as a visual centerpiece. Pick quality woods that will not only add value to your home but will also last long without changing in appearance. If you are a part of the 60% of homeowners who don’t use their outdoor spaces a lot because of the lack of shelter from the elements, adding shade in the form of a pergola will solve this issue for you.

Freestanding Canopies

This awning installation is modern and sleek as far as pool shades go. It has just two heavy-set posts which support a canopy and a commercial grade aluminum frame. Depending on your preference, you can install it over the pool or next to it. If you are looking for an awning installation that will offer you flexibility, this is the option to settle for.

There are many more shade options available for your pool, including umbrellas, shade sails, cantilevers, and enclosures. Putting one up is as simple as finding out what you want and then consulting with a qualified contractor to get it done for you. Depending on the shade you want and if you have the necessary equipment, you can even go ahead and do it yourself if you feel like you are up for the challenge. Don’t let the sun keep you indoors in summer, put up an awning and enjoy the outdoors!