Residential Awnings and Canopies

When thinking about an awning or canopy for your home, there are many considerations, such as how it will benefit you and the type of awning or canopy that will best suit your needs and home.

For starters, you might be wondering how awnings and canopies are different. The difference is in the support structure. An awning attaches to a building and projects outward. There is no support below. A canopy can attach to a building or stand independently, but one or more sides have supports holding it up.

Fabric and metal awnings offer many solutions for windows, doors, patios and carports.

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  • What benefits will you enjoy by adding an awning or canopy to your home?
  • What material (fabric or metal) will best meet your need?
  • What types of awnings or canopies are available?
  • What frame shape or awning/canopy style is best for your home?






The square awning is comprised of a down-slanting front panel with or without two side panels. This is the most common residential awning.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Square Fabric Window & Door Awning


Stationary canopies can cover large areas and are often used to cover residential patios or decks. Unlike an awning, canopies are supported by not less than one post at the outer end, as well as the building to which it is attached.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Stationary Canipy


A dome-shaped awning is typically found over small entryways and windows and can be used in archways. The quarter-sphere shape provides similar protection from the sun and rain from all angles.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Dome Fabric Awning


Venetian awnings (sideless awnings) are adjustable to the angle of the sun, but since they don’t have sides, they may be less effective at blocking sunlight.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Venetian Fabric Awning


The concave design is characterized by the inward curvature of the front panel. The side panels can be covered with fabric for a completely shaded enclosure, or left open, leaving the front panel supported by a decorative frame.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Concave Fabric Awning


Drop curtains are a practical yet stylish way to instantly transform your outdoor living space into an indoor one. They are installed at the edges of your outdoor space with the ability to raise and lower creating your enclosure.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Drop Curtains & Fabric Screens


This Is the most common residential metal awning. Similar in appearance to a square awning these metal awnings have air-flow louvers, are low maintenance and can generally outlast fabric awnings.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Traditional Metal Awnings


Flat metal canopies are great low maintenance, affordable options for covering your patio or carport. These are ideal for providing protection for you, your vehicles or your outdoor furniture from the elements.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN Flat Metal Awnings with Posts