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Specifications Application: Break Area Kind: Flat Metal Type: None Decking: Flat Pan Drainage: Downspout Fascia: 6 Inch Roll Form Location: Memphis, TN Reference: 124207

Gatewood Pro

Specifications Application: Entryway Kind: Flat Metal Type: None Decking: W-Pan Posts: Steel Smooth Drainage: Scuppers Fascia: 6 Inch Roll Form Location: Memphis, TN Reference: 123036

Germantown Animal Shelter

Specifications Application: Other            Kind: Flat Metal with Post Decking: W-Pan                   Drainage: Downspout     Fascia: 6” ½” Roll Form   Location: Germantown, TN Ref: 153135                          

Earle Dental Clinic

Specifications Application: Walkway Kind: Flat Metal with Post Decking: Roll Form Flat Pan Drainage: Drain Through Post Fascia: 6” Extruded Location: Earle, AR Ref: 174232        

Milwaukee Electric

Specifications Application:  Entryway   Kind: Metal with Post      Decking: W-Pan                   Drainage: Drain Thru Post Fascia: 8” Extruded           Location: Greenwood, MS Ref: 163267                          

Methodist IS/CE

Specifications Application:  Other Kind: Metal with Post Decking: Roll Form Flat Pan Drainage: Gutter/Scupper Fascia: 6” Extruded Location: Memphis, TN Ref: 153342

Fellowship Chruch of God

Reference: 033077

Morton Museum

Reference: 093340

Cornwell Elementary

Reference: 123178

US Foods

Reference: 123260