Pizza Social

Parasol Awnings

Project Details

Parasol Awnings worked with architects, contractors and the restaurant owners to help give a new restaurant, Pizza Social, the look and coverage they wanted for their outdoor dining. Pizza Social not only wanted a patio canopy with fans for their outdoor seating area, but they also wanted an area that can be covered or uncovered as weather permits. Parasol Awnings provided them with a slide wire cable awning that can easily slide back when they want the area open. In addition, Parasol also designed, manufactured and installed clear drop curtains so that guests can be outside regardless of the weather.

Parasol Awnings Pizza Social

Application:  Patio
Kind: Fabric
Fabric Type: Firesist
Shape: Stationary Canopy
Valance: Rigid
Ends: Closed
Location: Memphis, TN
Ref: 174076