Kimbrough Towers

Parasol Awnings

Project Details

Parasol Awnings uses architectural metal to create eye-catching entrances.

Kimbrough Towers apartment building was due for a new entrance awning. They needed a canopy that could provide longterm protection for the residents, and to stand out in front of these tall buildings. A to Z Construction Services worked with Parasol Awnings on the design, construction and installation of this architectural curved marquee awning. Not only did we complete this unique structure as an eye-catching entrance, but it is also serves as maintenance-free protection.   

Project Name: Kimbrough Towers                                               
Contractor: A to Z Construction
Location: Memphis, TN
Application: Entrance
Shape: Curved  Marquee
Panels: 12” Seamed Pan
Ends: Open Ends
Frame: Aluminum Painted
Posts: 3×3 posts
Color: Black with off white underside
Color: Black