High Cotton Brewery

Parasol Awnings

Project Details

Parasol Awnings Helps Create A Unique Parklet Structure for Outside Enjoyment

Parasol Awnings worked with both the architect and the contractor to help with the design of a structure that would allow customers to sit and enjoy being outdoors while being protected from the sun. They wanted the openness like a patio but the ability to quickly take down and put up when desired. We collaborated on the fabric style and color to best suit their needs. This particular fabric and design helped block the sun, and add a bright color to their exterior. Parasol Awnings works with your entire team to produce a product that meets your needs!

Project: High Cotton Brewery Parklets
Contractor: Grinder Haizlip
Architect: Hope Wilkinson Design
Location: Memphis, TN
Kind: Fabric
Fabric: Sunbrella Contour
Color: Sunflower
Application: Patio-Parklet