Christ Presbyterian Church

Parasol Awnings

Project Details

Flat metal entrance canopies add protection from the weather.

Christ Presbyterian Church in Somerville, TN built a new entrance for their patrons. It’s wonderful to be able to drive up to an entrance, but if you still have to walk in the rain, snow, wind and heat without being covered it can be unpleasant. Parasol Awnings worked with both the church and D&G Contractors to provide a covered walkway from the porte-cochere to the front entrance door. Now the church-goers can be protected from start to finish.

Parasol Awnings Christ Presbyterian Church in Somerville, TN

Project Name: Christ Presbyterian Church
Contractor: D&G Contractors
Location: Somerville, TN
Decking: Flat Pan
Decking Color: White
Drainage: Drain Thru Posts
Type: Flat Metal Canopy
Gutter/Fascia: 6 1/2” Roll Form
Gutter Color: White
Post: Plated
Post Color: White