ATC Fitness

Parasol Awnings

Project Details

Metal Awnings & Canopies work out great for ATC Fitness

A new ATC Fitness in Oakland, TN gets standing seam awnings and suspended canopies on their storefront. Parasol Awnings worked with TDL Contractors to help bring Woodard Architecture’s design to life. The dark bronze color and mixture of flat metal canopies with standing seam awnings create a unique look while adding needed protection. 

Project Name: ATC Fitness
Contractor: TDL Contractors
Architect: Woodard Architecture
Location: Oakland, TN
Kind: Standing Seam & Suspended Canopies
Fascia: 6” Extruded with offset
Decking: Roll Form Flat Pan & 12” Seamed Pans
Ends: Open Ends
Color: Dark Bronze
Frame: Powder Coated