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Maybe You Can Afford It

Many times we hear from contractors or builders that they had a great idea for a building’s exterior design but had to abandon it because of expense.

My immediate reaction is always, why didn’t they call us first?

I may be a fourth-generation contractor, but I’m also an accountant. At Parasol Awnings, we are often able to make suggestions that make seemingly impractical projects practical.

For example, we worked with an architect on a church addition. The addition went over budget, and the contractor thought he would have to eliminate the covered drop-off aspect of the structure. With the church’s elderly population, a covered drop-off was important for safety and comfort.

The original budget for the drop-off structure was $250,000. At Parasol, we were able to create a covered drop-off and walkway for $25,000. That was 10% of the original cost.

A few years later, the church had the funds to replace the canopy structures with a permanent build.

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