You didn’t think all awnings had to look the same, did you?

Louvered Sunshades are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain without sacrificing a natural flow of light into your building. While they are most commonly used as a kind of “shelf” placed above windows, louvered sunshades can also be mounted vertically in front of windows. Numerous blade shapes, blade spacing, and trim profiles allow for plenty of options to design your shades to suit your project requirements. The options are never-ending…

How’s this for year-round functionality and style? Shaded sun in the summer will keep cooling costs down, while full sun in the winter (because the sun is lower that time of year) will allow you to take advantage of every bit of sunlight. It’s a creative solution that gets the job done without forcing you to give up your sense of fashion or natural light!

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