Parasol Helps Its Customers Solve Real Problems — Like Increasing Revenue

Parasol Awnings Spindini Restaurant patio canopy Memphis, TNThe Challenge: Restaurant owners across the Mid-South are looking for ways to grow revenue. With rising food costs and consumers unable to tolerate significant increases in the cost to dine out, many restaurants are looking to expand seating during peak traffic periods as a way to generate more revenue. In fact, the addition of outside seating has become a common renovation in the restaurant sector for this reason.

While an uncovered patio allows for additional seating during ideal weather, it’s not often that the weather is ideal – limiting usability. In contrast, covered solutions provide nearly year-round seating, offering protection from the sun and rain.

One area dining establishment following this trend is Spindini, a Judd Grisanti restaurant located in downtown Memphis in the historic south main arts district. The restaurant selected Parasol Awnings to design and engineer an affordable outside covered-seating solution.

The Spindini project presented some unique challenges as the restaurant is housed in a historic building.

The Solution: To preserve the integrity of the building, the patio canopy could not be directly attached to any portion of its brick exterior. This required some innovative engineering by the Parasol Awnings team to construct a freestanding canopy that could withstand the same weather conditions as if it were permanently anchored to the building.

Parasol Awnings Spindini Restaurant patio canopy Memphis, TN

In addition to this structural challenge, the Spindini management group requested that panels be added to the canopy to allow them to extend their outdoor seating season. Parasol created beautifully designed drop curtains that were attached to the canopy and which complemented the aesthetics of this trendy downtown restaurant.

Spindini’s owners were incredibly pleased with the final product and even promote their new “al fresco” dining area in their marketing materials as the space is such a “draw.”