Benefits of Installing Awnings at Your Business

For decades businesses have enjoyed the many advantages of installing awnings. From visual appeal to expanded outdoor space and lower energy costs to increased revenue, commercial awnings undeniably have a variety of benefits.


Discover all the benefits of installing awnings at your business with expert insights from our Memphis awning installation specialists.

Curb Appeal

Undeniably, awnings have the ability to draw attention to your storefront and boost the first impression people have about your business. By catching the eye of people passing by, you spark interest, which can certainly lead to greater sales.

Expanded Outdoor Space

Awnings can allow you to make great use out of your outdoor space and expand your seating capacity or sales area without the need for costly remodeling, which can definitely lead to increased revenue.

Energy Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, awnings aren’t limited to entrances and patios. They can also be added above windows; boosting your business’ appearance and reducing energy costs by blocking the sun’s rays and significantly reducing heat, which can lead to big savings on your energy bill.

UV Protection

Furniture takes a real beating when under the constant exposure of sunlight causing it to discolor, crack and degrade. Awnings provide much needed UV protection and help keep your indoor and outdoor furniture looking newer longer.


A great commercial awning serves as the perfect platform to showcase your brand’s logo and colors. Additionally, it increases your company’s visibility and helps attract new customers to your location.

Weather Protection

Harsh weather can put a real damper on customer experience. By offering them protection from rain, excessive heat, or snow you increase their comfort and allow them to spend more time (and money) at your business.

Undoubtedly, installing a commercial awning offers numerous perks for your business. Whether you have a single location or a multiple store franchise, our Memphis awning installation professionals are confident we can meet your needs.

Start benefiting from the many advantages of professional awnings and give us a call today.

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