Most retail businesses have to keep the retail experience fresh if they want to maintain customer loyalty. It’s easy for customers to grow tired with what is old and look for something that’s new and shiny.

The challenge for retailers with physical locations grows tougher as they go head to head with online stores. Last year Cyber Monday sales totaled more than $1 billion dollars and are expected to continue to increase.

The point is, if you expect a consumer to get in the car and drive to your location, you’re going to have to give them a pleasant experience when they get there. That means something attractive inside and out.

Awnings are a great, affordable way to update a retail exterior. Adding awnings over doors and shop windows can transform a dreary exterior, signaling there’s something fresh and exciting inside.

If your location already has awnings, it’s even more economical. You can change your colors and, literally, change your stripes. Keeping the awning’s frame but updating the fabric and finishing style can infuse your exterior with a new energy that will get customers’ attention.

If you’re scrambling to capture more of a shrinking marketplace, shake it up with a facelift that includes awnings.

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