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Awning Manufacturing

Our awnings and canopies are custom manufactured by craftsmen, who take a concept or vision and translate it into a functional, durable and attractive addition to any building. We manufacture all awning and canopy frames and covers in our facility ─ eliminating out-sourcing to maintain the highest quality control over every project. The very latest technology, materials and craftsmanship maximize the life of each fabric structure.

Our Process

We work with you to select the ideal shape, size, graphics, code requirements, and lighting for the awning at the initial stage. Site measurements by Parasol team may be necessary. Our designer then helps you select fabrics and materials for the project based on your needs (durability, budget, as well as fabric color, pattern and texture) in addition to recommending a framework material based on the awning/canopy size and required strength.

Based on the design specifications, an awning craftsman creates and assembles the framework. They join the frames with special fittings or by welding, based on the needs of the project. The Parasol craftsman uses the awning frame as a pattern for cutting the fabric, which is sewn or heat-sealed onto the frame.

At this point, we decorate or embellish the awning using the chosen method, such as pressure sensitive vinyl lettering/graphics, painted lettering or cutout lettering. A quality technician inspects the awning for fit and fabric application. The hand-crafted awning is then transported to the job-site for installation.

Parasol Awnings & Canopies Memphis, TN

Our manufacturing techniques allow us to offer our customers:

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    Durable, long-lasting materials

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    Aluminum & steel framing

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    On-site welding, sewing, and assembly department

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    New heat-sealing and staple technologies, which improve durability