Awning Graphics

Make an impression with our graphically enhanced awnings. Parasol can create a powerful message or use your logo to capture public attention with a sense of excitement.

Painting the graphics directly onto the awning, with materials selected specifically for fabrics, can provide a uniquely customized effect and is often the most economical method.

Cut-out Lettering
In applications where easy readability is essential, cut-out lettering is an excellent method for applying simple graphics to an awning. Letters and/or graphics are actually cut out of the fabric and replaced from behind with letters or graphics cut from a second translucent fabric.

Eradicated Lettering
Eradicating is a relatively new method for graphic application. It involves eliminating, with special chemicals, an existing color from a white vinyl fabric, which has been pre-coated at the factory with eradicable inks.

Parasol Awnings - Awning Graphics

A variety of methods are used to apply graphics to the awning, which vary greatly in decorative effect.

  • Painted lettering
  • Cut-out lettering
  • Eradicated lettering

Decorative effects can be used for both logos and graphics on a wide range of fabric types.