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Expanded Seating and Revenue

Parasol Helps Its Customers Solve Real Problems — Like Increasing Revenue The Challenge: Restaurant owners across the Mid-South are looking for ways to grow revenue. With rising food costs and consumers unable to tolerate significant increases in the cost to dine out, many restaurants are looking to expand seating during peak traffic periods as a way…

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Parasol Awnings Helps Businesses Create “Grand Entrances”

Everyone wants to make an entrance, but in many cases having a successful business means attracting paying customers to walk through your door. Displaying the address and name of your business isn’t always enough. In order to attract customers, you need to capture their attention and draw them in with a welcoming entrance that is…

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An Architectural “Wow” Factor!

Here’s something that will catch the eye. Aluminum sunshades are one of our newest products and we’re very pleased to be offering them. Not only are they known for their durability and functionality, they will definitely give any building an architectural “wow” factor, providing a fresh and modern look. The primary purpose of a sunshade…

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Louvered Shades – The Sky is the Limit

You didn’t think all awnings had to look the same, did you? Louvered Sunshades are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain without sacrificing a natural flow of light into your building. While they are most commonly used as a kind of “shelf” placed above windows, louvered sunshades can also be mounted…

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We’ve Thrown Standing Seam Awnings a Curve

Whether you’re in pursuit of long-lasting durability or environmental friendliness, standing seam awnings are an excellent choice. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect your standing seam awning to last 20 to 40 years. Plus, metal awnings are non-combustible, strong and energy efficient. Steel is 100% recyclable. The most recycled metal on earth, steel can be reused…

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Turn Your Parking Lot Into Additional Seating

Adding additional dining space to a restaurant isn’t cheap, but it is a great way to increase revenue. If your bar or restaurant can handle more customers with the existing bar or kitchen, consider a canopy to convert parking space into outdoor dining. When Fresh Slices moved into this Bartlett strip mall, its rapidly growing…

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Smoking Areas Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

It’s not uncommon to see smokers huddled around a building’s entrance and exit. As uncomfortable as it is for the smoker, it’s worse for the person who is entering or exiting the building to have to pass through a cloud of smoke. Many companies wrestle with wanting to provide a smoke free entrance, but not wanting…

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Awnings Are An Affordable “Plan B”

Most retail businesses have to keep the retail experience fresh if they want to maintain customer loyalty. It’s easy for customers to grow tired with what is old and look for something that’s new and shiny. The challenge for retailers with physical locations grows tougher as they go head to head with online stores. Last…

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Need an awning now?

Everyone today wants to save money. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We do believe in offering options that allow people on a really tight budget to add awnings to a home or building. Many customers don’t realize that part of the cost of an awning is the time it takes for a salesman to…

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