Architects think of Parasol first when in need of creative designs that add to the aesthetics of their building creations.

If you’re designing an important project, you know that the right awning or canopy can make all the difference. That’s why you want to spec a Parasol Awnings product.

Whether it’s complex or simple, we make it the way you envisioned it. We’ve got a proven track record for creating innovative designs that capture the imagination. So, if you’re thinking outside the traditional awning or canopy, call Parasol.

Plus, we build stronger to last longer. We’ll make sure the product we create for your client lasts, so every time someone looks at “your building,” it looks its very best. 

Download awning and canopy specs:

Download anchor and attachment specs:
The construction of your building – concrete, steel, wood, EIFS or brick – determines the type of attachment system to be used. Download the appropriate anchor and attachment spec sheet for your project.

Parasol Awnings Memphis, TN - Architects


“The design and production teams at Parasol are highly skilled and professional. From an architectural standpoint, we find that their depth of product knowledge makes our jobs much easier. They are craftsmen – able to take our innovative designs and bring them to life with canvas or metal. Many architects overlook the impact a creatively designed awning or canopy can have on the aesthetic appeal of a building, and with Parasol’s support, we’ve designed some of the most interesting buildings in the area. Parasol helps us provide our clients with better service. When it comes to Mid-South awning companies, Parasol is in a league of its own.”
E. Scott Fleming, AIA, NCARB, President/Sr. Principal/Owner, Fleming Architects

“With the help of Parasol Awnings, we were able to achieve a highly ambitious plan and still stay in budget. They made some great suggestions regarding materials and also suggested the most durable, cost-effective methods for fabrication and installation.”
Jim Murray, Senior Project Manager and Associate Principal, Self Tucker Architects