Here’s something that will catch the eye. Aluminum sunshades are one of our newest products and we’re very pleased to be offering them. Not only are they known for their durability and functionality, they will definitely give any building an architectural “wow” factor, providing a fresh and modern look.

The primary purpose of a sunshade is to control the amount of direct sunlight through your building’s windows, so where you install them matters. Southern, eastern, and western exposures of you building will derive benefits from solar shading. The southern exposure is the easiest to shade, as the sun exposure is the greatest in that direction, which is why shading this area will provide the greatest energy savings.

Occupants, however, will appreciate any reduction in morning sun glare (eastern exposure) and afternoon sun glare (western exposure). These exposure can generate significant energy saving as well. Northern exposures do not require solar shading, but in order to foster uniformity and balance in the building’s appearance, it’s highly advisable that you include shades there as well.

Should you have any questions about which types of awnings would fit your style and needs, please don’t hesitate to call us at 901-368-4477.

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