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Additional Awning Products

In addition to our many different awnings and canopies, we offer additional products to fit your exact shading needs. Drop curtains for your patio, tie-back curtains, graphics for your commercial awnings — all of these products help maximize the usefulness of your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Drop Curtains and More
Hanging outdoor drop curtains is a great way to add comfort and functionality to any patio or exterior area. They provide an extra layer of privacy. In addition, they block out harsh sunlight and wind, thus providing a cooler, more comfortable space. The professionals at Parasol Awnings have a very specific, but important, skill-set. That’s because awnings, canopies, drop curtains and other shading products are all that we do. It's an expertise that we’ve been honing for over a hundred years, and we’re proud of the results.

The Personal Touch
Our professionals oversee the entire process, from manufacture to installation — never outsourcing or using outside contractors. In essence, you get the Parasol Awnings stamp of approval on every aspect of the process from beginning to finish. This guarantees a superior, long-lasting, end-product, and a high level of customer satisfaction. We have not only a superior selection of shading products, but also a wide variety of fabric styles, patterns and colors to choose from.




Drop Curtains can provide extra privacy, sun protection from harmful ultra violet rays, wind block, reduces room temperature and much more to your home or business. Drop Curtains are offered in canvas material, sun screen material or clear vinyl which allows for viewing while still being protected.

Turn your awning into eye-catching signage by adding graphics. Using your logo or other graphics on your awning is a great way to gain exposure and promote your business. The variety of methods we can use to apply your graphics are painting, cut-out lettering, pressure sensitive vinyl lettering and eradicated lettering.

An alternative to your typical awning is a valance. A valance can offer a little flair and an added unique style for your storefront, home or interior area. Like an awning, a valance still provides protection, allows for graphics and makes a statement.

Fabric panels or clear vinyl panels can create a warm inviting outdoor area for your patio, expand outdoor seating area of your restaurant or enclose a break area for your business. Our panels can be a permanent or removable structure and install securely without intrusive and clunky hardware.

From covered outdoor kitchens to cabanas, unique designs, custom shapes and sizes as well as specific walkways or covered sporting events, Parasol Awnings will work with you, your architect or your contractor to design, manufacture and install a custom product for your project.

Tie-back curtains are a great way to add a touch of elegance to an upscale restaurant, business, entryway or backyard canopy.

Reach out to Parasol Awnings today to ask about our awnings, canopies, patio drop curtains and other solutions for your home or business.