2 Common Awning Problems [And How to Fix Them]

Shade structures and awnings are some of the oldest architectural design elements that have stood the test of time. Ancient civilizations utilized woven materials to gain protection from the scorching sun in almost every structure-from carts to massive stadia. Modern awnings build upon the old designs, availing better comfort and convenience.

Awnings are an excellent asset to any home. They provide shade, beautify your outdoor space and protect your deck or patios from nature’s elements. Besides, awnings and canopies improve the energy efficiency in a building by reducing heat gain by 55-66% on southward-facing windows.

As with any feature within your home, your awning may require proper care and maintenance to keep them in top condition. If issues occur, you may need prompt awning repair. Here are four common issues to watch out for and how to correct them.

1. Ill-stretching Fabric

The fabric material that you pick for your awning installation gives the unit its overall look. You may pick from canvas, polyester, vinyl, among many others. The fabric may fade, tear and degrade over time due to exposure to nature’s elements. Small tears may require awning repair from experts who will patch the holes. Rot, mold, and large rips across the fabric may necessitate an awning replacement. An awning re-cover may vary price depending on the size and type of fabric you select.

2. Aging Awnings

Your awning will gradually age with use. If aesthetics is the main age-related concern, you may look to replacing your fabric. Electrical or movement part issues related to the age of your unit may require a professional inspection. Frequent malfunctions of your awnings may necessitate a whole unit replacement instead of individual parts.

You may need regular maintenance and repair works to keep your awnings in top condition. If you are searching for an awning company to carry out repairs to the unit, reach out to Parasol Awnings.