Standing Seam – R Panel Awnings

R-Panel Awning With Open Ends

Architectural Standing Seam Awning

Entrance Awning With Open Ends

Pre-Engineered Metal Entrance Canopy

Storefront Awning

Metal Door Hood With Soffit

Decorative Metal Standing Seam Awning

Standing Seam Stationary Canopy

Parasol Awnings Standing Seam / Pre-Finished Awnings and Canopies enhance any architectural structure, new or old. Long lasting durable finishes allow for many years of low maintenance and beauty. This metal or aluminum awning can be used as a window awning, door awning, architectural canopy, walkway cover or patio cover.

  • 10-Year Framework Warranty
  • Standard Mill Finish Aluminum Frame
  • Powdercoat Optional

Ends – Our Standing Seam and R Panel awnings come with the option of an open end or a closed end. You can choose from mill finish, aluminum, painted or powder coated frames.

Closed End

Open End

Standing Seam Concealed Fastening System can be described as metal panels with a raised seam that are typically fastened down to the roof deck using hidden clips and fasteners. A commercial metal canopy is available in steel or aluminum.

R Panel – Exposed Fastening System are roof panels which lap over each other and fastened to the structure using self-drilling fasteners. A pre-engineered metal canopy is used in a commercial and Industrial application.

PBU Panel

PBR Panel

PBD Panel

PBC Panel

7.2 Panel