Metal Awnings with Posts

Pre-Manufactured Metal Canopy

Cantilever-Extruded Fascia & Offset

Metal Canopy With Flat Pan Decking

Employee Break Areas

Canopy Using Roll Form Fascia & Decking

Industrial Canopy With W Pan Decking

Wall Attached Metal Canopy With Extruded Fascia

Walkway Covers

Whether it’s a walkway canopy, carport or patio cover, Metal Canopies with Posts are functional and suitable for all environments. Our systems are used at home, schools, churches, office buildings and wherever pedestrian shelter is needed. Our systems feature extruded or roll formed aluminum roofs supported by posts.

Fascia, Decking and Posts available in:

  • Extruded
  • Roll Form
  • Steel

Decking & Fascia Options



DECKING can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum or steel.

W Pan (Roll Form)

Flat Pan (Roll Form)

6″ Extruded

FASCIA can be roll form aluminum or extruded aluminum.

6″ Roll Form

6″ Extruded

8″ Extruded

12″ Extruded

6″, 8″, 12″ 
with Offset  

14″ Bull Nose